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Quality Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

ABOV Semiconductor maximizes creation of customer values by consistently providing the products and services that exceed customers' expectation and requirements based on the efficient quality management system. In order to accomplish this objective, we

  • set customer-oriented objectives and processes
  • develop zero-defect products with best design reliability
  • enhance quality standards through continuously improving production process

To attain quality policy, we make all employees engaged in setting organizational and functional objectives
and activities and initiate continuous improvement activities through periodical performance management.
For effective operation of management system, we support appropriate resources and tools and provide full autonomy for each task.

Environment Policy

ABOV Semiconductor establishes the policy to consistently build, perform, maintain and improve the system in order to develop and maintain environmental-friendly products and make this to be understood and internalized for all employees and stakeholders. To accomplish this, we

  • set objectives and assess the continuous progress of our improvement efforts in terms of the influence on the environment and carry forward our improvement activities with performance review.
  • abide by the environmental laws and other requirements and acquire compliance
  • minimize environmental effects of air pollution, water pollution and generation of wastes attributed by performance and deploy fundamental environmental improvement through product development
  • continuously provide systematic training sessions for employees to understand and implement environmental management system
  • minimize environmental pollution with the environment improvement projects using green materials and through product designs.
  • establish communication channels with stakeholders and implement improvement activities in a quick and efficient way and ensure transparency for overall environmental management activities
  • have all employees engaged into energy saving and cost reduction thereby creating continuous improvement activities