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2017-03-15 AL5524 - 16-bit I/O Expander IC

AL5524 - 16-bit I/O Expander IC


ABOV Semiconductor released AL5524, an I/O Expander IC that expands 16-bit general purpose I/Os using I2C-Bus. AL5524 offers a flexible solution for customers by providing 10~16 additional I/O ports when needed without switching the current MCU.
AL5524 contains two 8-bit configuration, which are input port, output port, phase inversion, pull-up resistance control, and one miscellaneous register value. Corresponding bit configuration can be changed to configure each I/O as either input or output. Each I/O data is saved in corresponding I/O register. Additionally, AL5524 supports open-drain interrupt output, which activates when input status does not correspond to the input port register value. This output lets the system controller know that the input value has changed. The ADDR2 pin can be set as RESETB pin through miscellaneous register.

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