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2017-03-15 A96R717 - LCD Remote Controller MCU

A96R717 - LCD Remote Controller MCU


ABOV Semiconductor released A96R717, a new 8-bit remote controller MCU. A96R717 is an LCD remote controller MCU that integrates an LCD Segment Driver to control the LCD screen used on air conditioner remote controllers and also has an internal transistor to drive the IR LED. It can be used not only for various remote controller applications that need to display information such as temperature, speed, and more on an LCD screen, but also for wide range of general home appliances.
A96R717 integrates 24KB Flash ROM, 256B IRAM, and 512B XRAM. It is able to operate at a wide range of voltages from 1.8 to 5.5V. It is a flexible solution for various applications with 43~59 of general purpose I/O ports. Foremost, it integrates an IR LED driving transistor, further simplifying PCD design and lowering customer BOM.

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