A96R717 - LCD Remote Controller MCU

ABOV Semiconductor released A96R717, a new 8-bit remote controller MCU. A96R717 is an LCD remote controller MCU that integrates an LCD Segment Driver to control the LCD screen used on air conditioner remote controllers and also has an internal transistor to drive the...  [Read more]

AL5524 - 16-bit I/O Expander IC

ABOV Semiconductor released AL5524, an I/O Expander IC that expands 16-bit general purpose I/Os using I2C-Bus. AL5524 offers a flexible solution for customers by providing 10~16 additional I/O ports when needed without switching the current MCU. AL5524 contains two...  [Read more]

A31G112/123 - 32-bit Basic Line MCU

ABOV Semiconductor released 20 products for its G1 Series, ARM Cortex-M0+ based 32-bit general purpose MCUs. G1 Series boasts low-power, high-performance ARM architecture and ABOV’s high-tech in-house IPs. It is a brand for ABOV’s 32-bit general purpose MCUs based on...  [Read more]

New Products & Tools
  • E-PGM+

    More Faster and Reliable
    USB interface
    65K Color TFT-LCD display

    [Learn more]
  • MC97F1316S

    CMOS Single chip 8-bit MCU
    12-bit ADC Digital Converter
    16KB ROM, 256B IRAM, 128B XRAM

    [Learn more]
  • NEX Generator

    HEX format for all of ABOV MCUs
    No need to set any of setting
    Device Info. and Config. Hex data

    [Learn more]
  • OCD

    Real time monitoring
    RAM breaker
    Runtime measurement

    [Learn more]
  • VPE

    Visual Programming Environment
    Auto generating code for MC9X
    based Language C source program

    [Learn more]
  • MC96F6432S

    Advanced CMOS 8-bit MCU
    32KB flash memory
    Low power consumption
    Highly flexible performance

    [Learn more]