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ABOV’s New MCU for Small Smart Home Appliance, A96G181 (M8051, 2KB)
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  • Written date 2022-02-25 00:00:00
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ABOV’s New MCU for Small Smart Home Appliance, A96G181 

(M8051, 2KB)

ABOV’s new MCU, A96G181 is a low-power MCU that is based on M8051 CPU. It includes low density memory (2KB) and supports small packages such as 8-pin packages and 10-pin packages.

A96G181 is a low end product line of 8-bit G1 series, and it can provide solutions optimized for the small smart home appliance applications and consumer applications such as Personal Care and IoT, by strengthening the main functions of the product.

A96G181 has a built-in Window Watchdog Timer that detects malfunctions caused by external interference and ROM Checksum for error detection. It supports high-speed ADC conversion rates and many breakpoints for easy and flexible debugging, improving internal OSC performance to have High Accuracy of ± 2%. These features of A96G181 are sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the small home appliance market and Consumer market, such as safety and security.

In addition, since A96G181 operates at a wide range of voltages (1.8V to 5.5V) and temperatures (-40°C to +85/105°C), it can be used for various industrial and battery applications.

With various functions, which are 8/16-bit Complementary PWM, 8/16-bit Timer, Window Watchdog Timer, Internal OSCs, 12-bit high-speed A/D converter, etc., A96G181 provides efficient solutions for the small smart home appliance applications such as electric shavers, toy products and sensors, LED lighting, and battery chargers.


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