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ABOV Semiconductor releases a new Touch MCU that operates at low voltages with a water-shield function
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  • Written date 2022-05-31 00:00:00
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ABOV Semiconductor releases a new Touch MCU 

that operates at low voltages with a water-shield function 

ABOV Semiconductor released the new low power MCU A96T3A6/3A5 that is optimized for Touch applications.

A96T3A6 and A96T3A5 support up to 7 or 9 channels and up to 5 channels, respectively. This feature enables the A96T3A6/3A to be used for TWS, Wearables, and Touch Key, Slides, and Proximity Applications for Smart Home Appliances.

This new product A96T3A6/3A5 senses high-precision capacitance with its high performance analog circuits and optimized IC design. It supports the water-shield function, and operates at a low voltage of 1.8V as well as an operating voltage of 3.3V. 

A96T3A6/3A5’s water-shield function makes Touch possible even in a humid environment. By setting one of the channels to a shield-channel, Touch function can be operated even in Water Drop environment. 

Also, by adopting an Charging-Integration type touch sensing, it boasts higher sensitivity compared to regular frequency-type products, and at the same time reduced its touch standby power to below 20μA, It is optimized for battery applications such as TWS, Wearable, etc.



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