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ABOV FOC Solution ② - ABOV FOC Library
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  • Written date 2022-08-01 00:00:00
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ABOV FOC Solution ②  - ABOV FOC Library

ABOV provides FOC Total Solution consisting of H/W and S/W Solution.

[Figure 1] ABOV FOC Solution

Part 2 is about the ABOV FOC Library.

The FOC Library, provided by ABOV, drives the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) at 1-Shunt or 3-Shunt Field Oriented Control (FOC) using the ABOV MCU.

The 1-Shunt FOC Library is applied to compressors for home appliances and is mainly driven by switching frequencies below 10KHz. Its applications are refrigerators, air conditioners, and water purifiers.

In contrast, the 3-Shunt FOC Library is applied to the fan motor and is mainly driven by a switching frequency of 10KHz or higher.

Its applications are fans, blowers, and hair dryers.

The ABOV FOC 1-Shunt and 3-Shunt Libraries are designed to be operated in aFPB (ABOV FOC Platform Board).

[Figure 2] ABOV FOC Library Structure

As shown in [Figure 2], there are three layers in the ABOV FOC Library.

The MDL contains a Driver, which consists of each MCU's peripheral settings and control.

MDL consists of GPIO Peri settings, MPWM Peri settings, and ADC Peri settings required for motor control. If a user wants to apply the ABOV Library on a board other than aFPB, the user needs to change the right MDL source code for that board him/herself.

FAL is library files that include each function to operate 1-Shunt or 3-Shunt FOC. The user can declare various functions necessary for FOC control to implement the desired function, but the library’s internal source code is hidden. To monitor or set the internal variable of FAL, the value of the internal variables must be read or changed using the Get or Set function of the FAL function.

The motor application layer (MAL) drives the motor using the functions of MDL and FAL. MAL consists of an independent source code to the MCU, and users can freely configure functions necessary for the application, such as LED Control, external communication, and Port Control.

[Figure 3] 3-Shunt FOC Algorithm Block Diagram

ABOV provides users with an example code consisting of MDL, FAL, and MAL to develop the motor control algorithm using the 1-Shunt & 3-Shunt Library and aFPB.

The 3-Shunt FOC Algorithm is configured as illustrated in [Figure 3]. By monitoring or changing the input/output variables of each function, the users can configure the desired function. The ABOV FOC Solution provides extensive development support from H/W to S/W to make developing Motor Application products easier and more convenient.


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