A31R118 is Bluetooth® LE Wireless MCU of aBLE product line with competitive edge in power efficiency and various functions essential for Internet-of-Things. The product provides an outstanding Bluetooth® LE Wireless communication performance through its advanced patent-pending receiver architecture. It integrates a 32MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ core, 512KB of Flash, and 48 Kbytes RAM to enhance an application performance together with Bluetooth®4.2. Qualified Bluetooth® LE controller stack resides in 128 Kbytes ROM and 512 Kbytes of Flash is fully dedicated for user applications. As a result, effective usable NVM and RAM size are larger than other conventional Bluetooth® LE microcontrollers which has whole stack code in NVM.

Product Spec

AvailabilityMass Production
Op. Freq. (MHz)32
Flash (Kbytes)512
Data Flash (Kbytes)
RAM (Kbytes)48
Max I/O Pins28
Timer (8-bit)
Timer (16-bit)4
Timer (32-bit)3
ADC (bit)12-bit
ADC (12-bit)(Unit)1
ADC (ch)4
DAC (bit)
Number of OP Amp.
Number of PGA
Number of Comparator
USART (ch)
UART (ch)2
SPI (ch)2
I2C (ch)2
I2S (ch)1
LCD Driver
Touch Key (ch)
Min Op Voltage (V)1.9
Max Op Voltage (V)3.6
Min Op Temp (℃)-20
Max Op Temp (℃)70
RemarksAES, TRNG
Package Size (mm)6x6-0.4

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