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⯀ Description

ABOV Tailor-Made MCUs are custom products serving customer’s special applications. Voice MCU features audio codecs, an MCU system, and a DSP to generate audible sound from pure digital data.

⯀ Product List

Product Name Output Decoder Core Op.Volt.[V] Op.Temp.[˚C] Package Type
MC93CV402 [Voice MCU] 15-bit DAC + Digital AMP (PWM) 240mA at 8Ω SPEEX (1.5-bit / sample) ADPCM (4-bit / sample) M8051 + DSP 2.7~3.6 -40~+85 20 SOP, 28 QFN, 44 MQFP
Product Name Core Code Flash RAM Package Type
MC93CV402 [Voice MCU] M8051 + DSP External Serial Flash - 20 SOP, 28 QFN, 44 MQFP