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2020-01-17 ABOV Semiconductor acquires New Excellent Technology (NET) certification for BLE SoC that supports Bluetooth® Smart 5.0
2020-01-15 ABOV Semiconductor wins an award at Korea Technology Award with “Intelligent SAR Sensor"
2019-06-30 A34M41x – High performance ARM Cortex-M4 MCU Series in motor application and high-end MCU for consumer electronics
2017-03-15 A96R717 - LCD Remote Controller MCU
2017-03-15 AL5524 - 16-bit I/O Expander IC
2017-03-15 A31G112/123 - 32-bit Basic Line MCU
2017-03-15 ABOV Semiconductor Participates in India’s LED EXPO 2016
2017-03-15 ABOV Semiconductor at Japan’s Embedded Technology 2016
2017-03-15 ABOV Semiconductor Exhibits at Consumer Electronics Show 2017
2016-11-25 A96T218 - Touch MCU w/ Integrated LED Driver
2016-11-25 A96T316 - Touch MCU
2016-11-25 MC96FR364C - Universal Remote Controller MCU
2016-11-25 MC94F1202A - 8-bit General Purpose Flash MCU
2016-11-25 AC30M1332/1364/1464 - Cortex-M0™ PWM Motor Control MCU
2016-11-25 ABOV Semiconductor Exhibits its Products at ELEXCON 2016
2016-07-07 MC93F5632 - 8-bit Flicker-Free BLU MCU
2016-07-07 MC96F8204 - 8-bit General Purpose Flash MCU
2016-07-07 MC96F1206 - 8-bit General Purpose Flash MCU
2016-07-07 AC33MA384A - Cortex-M3™ High Performance Motor MCU
2016-07-07 ABOV Signs Technical Partnership with Yeungnam University
2016-03-11 ABOV Holds its 1st Technical Exchange Meeting in China
2016-03-11 ABOV Releases AC Direct LED Drivers
2016-03-11 ABOV Releases the first Bluetooth® Low Energy MCU in Korea