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Cortex-M0/M3 High-Performance / Motor MCU


The Cortex-M0 series is the smallest, lowest-power and most energy-efficient ARM processor available offering benefits from the combination of real-time performance, low-power operation, and the advanced architecture and peripherals associated with the ARM ecosystem.
The Cortex-M0 series bridges the gap with applications using 8-bit microcontrollers, enabling advanced high-end features in economical end products. The Cortex-M0 series offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability for home entertainment products, appliances and industrial equipment.

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Product NameCoreFlash ROMRAMMax. Op. Freq. [MHz]Op. Volt. [V]Package TypeAvailability
AC30M1332ARM Cortex-M0 32KB4KB402.2~5.5 32 LQFP
32 QFN
AC30M1364ARM Cortex-M064KB4KB402.2~5.532 LQFP
32 QFN
AC30M1464ARM Cortex-M064KB4KB402.2~5.548 LQFPNow
AC33M3064ARM Cortex-M364KB8KB483.0~5.532 LQFPNow
AC33M4064ARM Cortex-M364KB8KB483.0~5.548 LQFPNow
AC33M6128ARM Cortex-M3128KB12KB723.0~5.564 LQFPNow
AC33M8128ARM Cortex-M3128KB12KB723.0~5.580 LQFPNow
AC33MA384AARM Cortex-M3384KB16KB723.0~5.5100 LQFPNow
AC30E1364ARM Cortex-M064KB4KB402.2~5.532 LQFPNow