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As a special application solution of 3D active shutter glass LCD, VISO-G consists of MCU type and non-MCU type products in conjunction with timing synchronization to the glasses either via IR or Bluetooth or ZigBee. VISO-G solutions allow you to enjoy 3D experience for a long time by rechargeable or coin battery charging mode.

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Product NameCoreROMiRAMxRAMOp. Freq. [MHz]Op. Volt. [V]Package TypeAvailability
MF6216-16KB--3.2 ~ 4.82.5~3.324 QFN
16 QFN
MF6216S-16KB--3.2 ~ 4.82.5~3.316 QFNNow
MC96F5216M805116KB256B1KB1 ~ 102.0~4.232 QFNNow
MC96F5304M80514KB256B256B1 ~ 42.5~5.528 QFNNow
MC96F5416M805116KB256B1KB1 ~ 102.5~5.540 QFNNow
MF7220H-20KB--3.2 ~ 4.82.5~3.320 QFN3Q '14
MF7232H-32KB--3.2 ~ 4.82.5~5.528 QFN3Q '14