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The MC2701 is a compact LED controller and driver that interface microprocessors to LED display throuth a serial 3-wire interface. It drives LED connected in common anode configuration. The MC2701 drives up to 48 discreete LEDs in 8 segment / 6 digit configuration while functioning from a supply voltage 4.5V~5.5V. Additionally it can be used to drive 8 discrete LEDs which form a part of LED digit. The individual LEDs are wired as segment of a digit and brightness of individual LEDs can be controlled digitally. The maximum segment current for the display digits is set through a single external resisteor. Individual digits may be addressed and updated without re-writing the entire display. Additionally it includes key scanning for an 8 x 2 key matrix which automatically scans a matrix of up to 16 switches. MC2701 supports numeric-type displays and reduces the overall BOM costs through high integration. Also it provides ESD protection of greater than 4KV HBM. The LED controller / driver is ideal as a peripheral device to interface the display with a singlechip microcomputer.

Block diagram

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Specification for MC2701
Item Value
LED Driving (Segment x Grid) 8 x 7
KeyScan 8 x 2
Dimmer 8-step
Op. Volt. [V] 4.5 ~ 5.5
Op. Temp. [˚C] -40~85
Package Type 24 SOP
Remarks Common anode
450kHz Operating Frequency
Interrupt Generator
Segment Current Control
Availability Now
Category Title Type Language Version Issue Date Size Download
User's Manual English 1.0 2014-12-30 916.31KB
Application Note Korean 1.2 2014-12-30 616.26KB