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Segment VFD Driver IC


ABOV provides segment VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) driver IC to expand the range of application possibilities and offer customers with a variety of flexible high quality display solutions. The VFD driver IC has the operating voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V and serial interface circuit is equipped to interface with a microcontroller. ABOV segment VFD driver ICs are suitable for use in VFD display product applications such as electronic scale, home appliance, stereo, DVD player or other information appliances.

Product List

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Product NameDisplay (Segment x Grid)KeyScanDimmerOp. Volt. [V]Package TypeAvailability
MC3401A16 x 12
(24 x 4)
2 x 168-step2.7~5.544 LQFPNow
MC3411A16 x 12
(24 x 4)
2 x 168-step2.7~5.548 QFNNow
MC350124 x 16
(24 x 8)
2 x 168-step2.7~5.552 LQFPNow
MC3501A24 x 16
(24 x 8)
2 x 168-step2.7~5.552 LQFPNow