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The MC101 are microprocessor supervisory circuits used to monitor power supplies in microprocessor and digital systems. The provide excellent circuit reliability and low cost by eliminating external powered or 3-V powered circuits. MC101 also provide a debounced manual reset input. It also operates as protection from brown-out conditions when the supply voltage drops below a safe operating level. These devices are available with a choice of seven different reset threshold voltages and both have pushpull outputs.

Block diagram

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Specification for MC101R01
Item Value
Reset Threshold Voltage [V] 2.93
Typical Operating Current [uA] 30
Op. Volt. [V] 2.7~5.5
Op. Temp. [˚C] -40~85
Package Type SOT 143
Remarks Push-pull output
Debounced manual reset input
Low active reset pin
Availability Discontinued
Category Title Type Language Version Issue Date Size Download
User's Manual English 1.00 - 438.47KB