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  • Touch IC
  • MC96FT083
  • MC96FT241 (Under Development)
Application Description
Main Controller Main Controller for Refrigerator functions as user interface by recognizing local key Input or touch key and delivering control status to LED Display. Received user control signal is delivered to Compressor Control MCU. It also has functions of connection with and control for various input/output devices(sensors).
Compressor Control MCU 2 units of 3-phase PWM devices being embedded, this MCU can implement a good solution during the simultaneous operation of 2 motors of the air conditioner. It also has a feature of easy implementation of efficient motor control algorithm with driving ADC linked with DMAC as well as embedded OPAMP.
Touch IC By replacing former physical switches, Touch Key Sensor does not only enhance the product exterior design but also prevent the influx of external contaminants and reduce manufacturing cost and damage caused by physical impact (pressure) or long-term use.