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  • Touch IC
  • MC96FT083
  • MC96FT241 (Under Development)

ABOV semiconductor products provide solutions of LCD/LED display, system control for sensor input, setting of key input, remote control, fan control in the application areas of Small Home Appliances such as electric shaver, bidet, electric toothbrush, iron and electric fan.

Application Description
User Interface Controller User Interface Controller is a general purpose MCU family in SHA (Small Home Appliances) using AC power supply. It directly operates FND (Flexible Numeric Display) or controls motor/FAN operation. Therefore, immunity for power supply noise should be guaranteed. Comparator circuit is embedded to implement protection function when problems occur through monitoring risk factors such as high temperature or overload on the real-time basis.
Remote Controller Remote controller functions as Remote Control Transmitter. According to key input, it can read remocon code DB which is stored in internal memory and output infrared signal through IR LED Driving.
Touch IC By replacing former physical switches, Touch Key Sensor does not only enhance the product exterior design but also prevent the influx of external contaminants and reduce manufacturing cost and damage caused by physical impact (pressure) or long-term use.