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  • Touch IC
  • MC96FT083
  • MC96FT241 (Under Development)
Application Description
Touch IC As a capacitive type touch key sensor, this IC performs switching function of CH +/-, Volume +/-, Power On/Off of TV peripheral areas. The Proximity Sensor function of recognizing the access of human touch can be applied additional function like menu pop-up and strong immunity for internal/external noise.
Ambient Light Sensor Ambient Light Sensor – senses the light intensity around the TV. According to power value of sensor, Ambient Light Sensor maximizes the energy saving by optimizing brightness of display with modulating the brightness of LED Backlight.
IR Blaster By transforming input signal of RF (Bluetooth, etc) into IR signal, IR Blaster comprehensively controls peripheral instruments such as TV set-top box etc. where IR remote controller is used. According to application areas, IR Blaster performs remote controller function for mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet and TV. Code DB and Flash Type of various remote controls consist of remote control IC.
Remote Controller Remote Controller performs the function of remote control transmitter. According to key input, remote controller reads code DB stored in internal memory and output infrared light signal through IrLED Driving.
Sub-MCU As a sub control unit, Sub-MCU performs additional functions reducing overloads of main SoC such as external key input, processing of IR Receiver signal, hardware CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), standby mode control etc.
Backlight Controller LED Backlight unit controller MCU. By minimizing error rate with embedded high resolution timer and high speed DSP, backlight controller can implement the high-definition display (flicker is completely erased). This is used for all products where LED Backlight display is applicable such as TV, Monitor, Notebook etc.
Active Shutter Glass Controller Active Shutter Glass Controller is used to see 3D image in TV or projector. High speed/low power LCD shutter glass driver being embedded, this controller enables to watch high-definition 3D screen image without crosstalk and flicker by driving LCD shutter glass with processing IR and RF sync signal transmitted from TV in high speed.
Power Management Power Management performs efficient power supply and management function within the system through high current port.
LED Driver LED Driver creates constant voltage for driving LED Strings such as LED backlight and LED lighting and performs dimming control function according to external control signal (PWM). LED Driver is a high efficiency IC embedded with boosting converter and protection circuit for over voltage/current/temperature and LED open detection.