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ABOV Semiconductor provides various MCUs and ASIC product solutions for implementing a convenient and intuitive user interface in Home Audio System.

Application Description
Driver IC Driver IC is a display driver IC indicating letters or images on the display devices such as LCD/LED/VFD. It can support both segment type and dot type with brightness modulation. Driver IC supports not only display control but also additional function such as key input.
Front Unit Controller AUDIO Front MCU functions user interface by recognizing Local Key and Remocon Signal and delivering control status to Display Driver IC. Received user control signal controls audio system after being delivered to audio processor and indicates control information and audio state on the display screen. Additionally, Front Unit Controller performs AUDIO modulation, channel tuning, peripheral connection controls.
Remote Controller Remote controller functions Remote Control Transmitter. According to key input, it can read remocon code DB which is stored in internal memory and output infrared signal through IR LED Driving.
Touch IC By replacing physical switches which are applied to most of Home Appliances, Touch Key Sensor does not only enhance the product exterior design but also prevent the influx of external contaminants and reduce manufacturing cost and damage caused by physical impact (pressure) or long-term use.