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Power tools can be implemented with the composition of power supply using ABOV’s power management IC products and current/position sensing and gate driving for motor operation using MCU products supporting high current port.

Application Description
Controller Electric device BLDC motor control MCU operates motor by generating 3 phase PWM signal. By reading the information of HALL Sensor according to rotations, the controller sets speed and switching time. Implements PID Controls for exact location and maintains programmed RPM regardless of change of load. High Speed PWM 3 channels are required for Dead Time Delay under the Sensor BLDC motor control MCU. Each PWM, with signal Dead Time Delay being applied, generates positive/negative PWM. HALL Sensor signal functions as phase control timing by synchronizing with External Interrupt.
AD/DC Converter Power adaptor for charging a secondary cell of portable electric device.
DC/DC Converter DC/DC Converter controls rated voltage and current to provide 3 phase BLDC motor power using secondary cell. In order to respond to rapid fluctuation of load, it should be equipped with quick response time.