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  • Touch Key IC
  • Under Development
  • Touch Screen IC
  • Under Development
  • Power IC
  • MC6302 (Under Development)
  • MC6303 (Under Development)
  • Expander IC
  • Under Development
  • Charger IC
  • MC95FB504 (Under Development)
Application Description
Built-in IR Blaster By transforming input signal of RF (Bluetooth, etc) into IR signal, IR Blaster comprehensively controls peripheral instruments such as TV set-top box etc. where IR remote controller is used. According to application areas, IR Blaster performs remote controller function for mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet and TV. Code DB and Flash Type of various remote controls consist of remote control IC.
Expander IC By enabling expansion to IO port of MCU, this IC is used for the key control of mobile phone or tablet where qwerty keyboard is loaded.
Touch Key IC Touch Key IC prevents not only the influx of contaminant into mobile devices, but also false operation of devices by replacing physical switches of Home/Menu/Back buttons and improve design.
Touch Screen IC Touch Screen IC can implement multi-touch of high speed/low power/high resolution through mutual type capacitance sensing. Hardware and software filter embedded, this IC also has tolerance for internal/external noisy environment.
Proximity / Light Sensor Proximity / Light Sensor does not only prevents false operation of touch screen during video call through display control with proximity sensing function but also enable optimal display and energy saving by monitoring the light intensity detected in the light sensor.
Power IC As an individual power supply optimized to panel load increase of high resolution mobile display (AMOLED/LCD), this IC provides source driving voltage of LCD driver IC and positive/negative power of AMOLED. This is DC-DC converter providing stable power supply under the poor condition with communicational noise and fluctuation of voltage/current.
Charger IC embedded with CC/CV (Constant Current/Constant Voltage) circuit, it enables stable recharging of mobile device.