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In the fire alarm (smoke detector) system, ABOV’s MCUs do not only control major functions of fire detection sensor, communication interface, audio alarm but also guarantee long time operation with low power battery.

Application Description
Main Control Using industrial battery (3.6 V, 2500 mAH), Smoke Detector MCU guarantees more than 10 years of durability. RC-WDT Clock is used to minimize power consumption and under the low power operation, fire signal is detected by 10 seconds, waking up from Stop Mode. When fire is detected, it gives the alarm through the speaker and flickers emergency LED. In case of a high-end fire alarm, this signal conveys fire outbreak to the fire authorities by being connected with the radio/wireless communication device. Smoke detect MCU is embedded with Smoke Detection circuit consisting of high precision LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) with less than 1 mV of Input Voltage offset.