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  • Touch IC
  • MC96FT083
  • MC96FT241 (Under Development)

Thermostat enables the maintenance and setting of an optimal room temperature by monitoring a room temperature and humidity. ABOV’s MCUs provide the solution for implementing home automation such as display, touch key input, system control of thermostat, etc.

Application Description
Main Controller Thermostat MCU supports Low Power Standby Mode for battery operation and key input and LCD driver for users to set target temperature and humidity. High resolution ADC timer of sensing temperature-humidity and RTC (Real Time Clock) circuit for timer function being embedded, this MCU delivers the targeted temperature-humidity control order set in the right timing to the air conditioning device (HVAC : Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning).
Touch IC By replacing physical switches which are applied to most of Home Appliances, Touch Key Sensor does not only enhance the product exterior design but also prevent the influx of external contaminants and reduce manufacturing cost and damage caused by physical impact (pressure) or long-term use.