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Blood Pressure Monitor

Block Diagram

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  • Touch IC
  • MC96FT083
  • MC96FT241 (Under Development)

ABOV’s Healthcare MCUs provide multi-functions such as pressure sensor input, key input, communication interface, display, motor operation in the Blood Pressure Monitor System.

Application Description
MCU Using battery, portable Blood Pressure Monitor MCU requires low power operation. This MCU supports LCD driver circuit RTC (Real Time Clock). During the implementation of blood pressure measure program, MCU measures the change of blood flow with high resolution ADC while modulating the pressure of cuff outputs by generating motor control signal.

The value of blood pressure is periodically stored and profile information is generated through UART/USB device or shows the processed data with user’s key input. When excessive measurement is detected or operational errors happen, Blood Pressure Monitor alarms warning sound through buzzer.
Touch IC By replacing physical switches which are applied to healthcare products, Touch Key Sensor does not only enhance the product exterior design but also prevent the influx of external contaminants and reduce manufacturing cost and damage caused by physical impact (pressure) or long-term use.