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  • Smart Battery Controller
  • Under Development
  • Analog Front-end
  • Under Development
  • 2nd Protection IC
  • Under Development

Smart Battery System consisting of Smart Battery Controller, Analog Front-end, and 2nd Protection IC provides a stable and efficient battery management solution such as battery condition monitoring, cell balancing, prevention of overcharging/ overdischarging, certification of authentic battery (SHA-256) in the products using multi-cell battery like notebook.

Application Description
Smart Battery Controller Smart Battery Controller measures the condition and residue of the battery and controls charging/discharging condition. This controller reports the condition of battery and residual quantity via SMBus interface. It also plays a role of sensing erroneous operation and delivers warning to the host.
Analog Front-end AFE, designed with high voltage transistor and connected with high voltage battery cells, monitors the voltage of the each cell and implements cell balancing through charging/discharging by controlling FET with high voltage gate driving. It also functions of delivering something by changing the voltage scaling of each cell voltage into the potential programmable into Smart Battery Controller.
2nd Protection IC It physically separates and protects the battery and the system by blocking fuse when the voltage of battery gets out of normal range, regardless of Smart Battery Controller.