A31G323 is designed for the main controller of various appliances. In particular, accordance with the tendency that the microcontroller is becoming more complicated and high performance in consumer electronics, ARM high-speed 32-bit Cortex-M0+ Core is used. And for handling more features, this microcontroller has a variety of peripheral devices and large amounts of flash memory. Powerful and various external serial interfaces help to communicate with on-board sensors and devices.

Product Spec

AvailabilityUpon Request
Op. Freq. (MHz)48
Flash (Kbytes)64
Data Flash (Kbytes)0
RAM (Kbytes)16
Max I/O Pins51
Timer (8-bit)0
Timer (16-bit)6
Timer (32-bit)2
ADC (bit)12-bit
ADC (12-bit)(Unit)1
ADC (ch)16
DAC (bit)10
Number of OP Amp.0
Number of PGA0
Number of Comparator2
USART (ch)4
UART (ch)0
SPI (ch)2
I2C (ch)2
I2S (ch)0
LCD Driver0
Touch Key (ch)0
Min Op Voltage (V)1.8
Max Op Voltage (V)5.5
Min Op Temp (℃)-40
Max Op Temp (℃)85
RemarksUSB, TempSensor, Window WDT, RTC, EBI, VBAT
Package Size (mm)-

Block Diagram

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