aFlasher32 is a 32-bit Flash Downloader Program for Windows PC. It supports ABOV’s 32-bit microcontrollers via A-Link debug interface, and provides the hex file download capability for A-LinkPro Standalone mode. ​
The aFlasher32 is a convenient tool that can program a binary hex file into a microcontroller without additional program.
* This program is not suitable for mass production environment as equipment for development.


▶ Supports ABOV 32-bit MCUs target microcontroller.​
▶ Supports Intel HEX format.​
▶ HEX file view function​
▶ Automatic program and functions of verification​
▶ HEX file Checksum ​
▶ HEX file download for A-LinkPro​

All Tools & Support (Downloadable)

  • Executable File
    Title Type Language Version Download
    aFlasher32 Executable Eng 1.019.01
  • Manual
    Title Type Language Version Download
    aFlasher32 Manual Eng 1.0.1

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