Starter Kit_A96S174FRN supports users to develop applications required for A96x174(A96G174, A96S174) series MCUs.
This Starter Kit is based on A96S174 MCU, and includes LED, Push Button, built-in E-OCD II interface for debugging and USB connector.


• 8-bit CISC Core (M8051EW, 2clocks/cycle)
• 8KB Flash (ROM Checksum)
• 512B SRAM
• 16-bit Timer(PPG output mode)
• 12-bit ADC with internal Vref
• On chip debug and ISP
• 20-TSSOP

Getting Started

• Install the driver of OCD or OCD II on PC
• Check jumper position on Starter Kit
• Connect the Starter Kit to PC via USB cable
• Check whether the PC recognizes the USB device normally from the Device Manager
(Device should be recognized as OCD or OCD II or as HID device)
• Create source code projects and compile
• Download execution code to Starter Kit by using dedicated downloader or debugger
• Press reset button from Starter Kit or click run button of debugger
• The OCD or OCD II driver; demo software and example codes of Starter Kit can be downloaded from ABOV website

System Requirements

• Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
• Micro USB Cable

Development Tools

- KEIL C51 Development Tools
- IAR EW8051

Support Tools


* For further information on the devices, please contact: