G2 (Cortex M0+, up to 48MHz)


Devices in ABOV Semiconductor’s Cortex®-M0+-based 32-bit G2 Series deliver flexible performances not only for kitchen appliances but also for general customer electronics with their high integration. G2 series supports solution for IEC60730 safety standard that ensures the safe operation of a device for home appliances.

▶ A31G21x : Max. 64KB Flash memory/ 6KB SRAM/ LED Driver; Communication: USART(Max. 2-ch)/ UART(2-ch)/ I2C(2-ch)/ SPI(Max. 2-ch)
▶ A31G22x : Max. 256KB Flash memory/ 20KB SRAM/ 32KB DATA Flash/ LED, LCD Driver/ Firmware Over-the-air function, Communication: USART(Max. 4-ch)/ UART(2-ch)/ I2C(Max. 3-ch)/ SPI(2-ch)

◎ Operating Frequency : 48MHz
◎ Operating Voltage : 1.8V ~ 5.5V
◎ Operating Temperature : - 40℃ ~ + 85/105℃
◎ Key Features : Capacitive touch key Max. 24-ch/ High current port/ LCD driver (G22x only)/ IEC60730/ 12-bit ADC/ DAC/ Temp sensor/ DMA
◎ Potential Application : Rice cooker/ Microwave oven/ Washing machine/ Small home applications/ Consumer products that use batteries

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