A96G14x series – A96G140 / A96G148 – are advanced CMOS 8-bit microcontrollers with maximum of 64 Kbytes of Flash. These powerful microcontrollers provide a highly flexible and cost effective solution to many embedded control applications. The products offer the following features : 32/64 Kbytes of Flash, 256 Bytes of iRAM, 2.25 Kbytes of xRAM, general purpose I/O, basic interval timer, WDT, 8/16-bit timer/counter, 16-bit PPG output, 8-bit PWM output, 16-bit PWM output, watch timer, buzzer driving port, USI, 12-bit ADC, on-chip POR, LVR, LVI, on-chip oscillator and clock circuitry. A96G14x series also support power saving modes to reduce power consumption.

Product Spec

AvailabilityMass Production
Op. Freq. (MHz)16
Flash (Kbytes)32
Data Flash (Kbytes)0
RAM (Kbytes)2.5
Max I/O Pins30
Timer (8-bit)1
Timer (16-bit)5
Timer (32-bit)0
ADC (bit)12-bit
ADC (12-bit)(Unit)1
ADC (ch)12
DAC (bit)0
Number of OP Amp.0
Number of PGA0
Number of Comparator0
USART (ch)0
UART (ch)0
SPI (ch)0
I2C (ch)0
I2S (ch)0
LCD Driver0
Touch Key (ch)0
Min Op Voltage (V)1.8
Max Op Voltage (V)5.5
Min Op Temp (℃)-40
Max Op Temp (℃)85 / 105
RemarksBuzzer, WDT
Package Size (mm)7x7-0.8

Block Diagram

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