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The ultra-low power A31L12x series is a microcontroller based on ARM Cortex-M0+ core with a flash memory of up to 64 Kbytes with an SRAM of 8KB. The operation voltage range of the device is from 1.65V to 3.6V. A31L12x series provide a highly flexible and cost effective solution for many battery operated applications.
The ultra-low power A31L12x series has a 16-bit timers, real timer and a calendar as well as 12-bit ADC, comparator, CRC generator, UART, USART, I2C, SPI. The series is also equipped with smart card interface, LCD driver/controller, DMA, along with POR, LVR, LVI, and an internal RC oscillator.
To reduce system power consumption, A31L12x devices also provide various power modes and ultra-low-power peripherals such as LPUART and LP timer. The A31L12x series is suitable for ultra-low power applications that require long battery life.

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Item Value
Core Cortex-M0+
Op.Freq.[MHz] 32
Code Flash 32KB
Data Flash
ADC 12bit x 16ch
ADC Speed
LCD 29x8
I2C 2
Internal Oscillator[MHz] 32MHz(±4.5%)
Op.Volt.[V] 1.65~3.6
Op.Temp.[˚C] -40~+105
I/O 52, 38, 26, 28
Package Type 64 LQFP, 48 LQFP, 32 LQFP, 32 QFN
Remarks POR, LVR, PLL, SWD, CRC-32/16/8, RTCC

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Category Title Type Language Version Issue Date Size Download
Brochure BR_A31L12x_Eng Eng 1.01 2020-02-12 1.3 MB
Datasheet DS_A31L12x_Eng Eng 1.00 2020-02-13 2.2 MB
User's Manual UM_A31L12x_Eng Eng 1.00 2020-02-11 5.8 MB
Starter Kit STK 32-bit Starter_Kit_Quick_Guide_Eng Eng 1.03 2020-02-11 1.8 MB
Starter Kit STK_HW_Manual_A31L12x_Eng Eng 1.11 2020-02-11 790 KB
Starter Kit STK_Gerber_A31L12x - 1.11 2020-02-11 752 KB
Starter Kit STK_Schematic_A31L12x - 1.11 2020-02-11 2.0 MB
Example Code Example Code_A31L12x - 1.00 2020-02-11 4.4 MB
Application Note AN_Hardware+Design+Guide+for+Noise+Immunity+for+8bit+32bit+Devices_Eng Eng 0.05 2020-02-11 1.5 MB
Category Title Type Download
Brochure BR_A31L12x_Eng
Datasheet DS_A31L12x_Eng
User's Manual UM_A31L12x_Eng
Starter Kit STK 32-bit Starter_Kit_Quick_Guide_Eng
Starter Kit STK_HW_Manual_A31L12x_Eng
Starter Kit STK_Gerber_A31L12x
Starter Kit STK_Schematic_A31L12x
Example Code Example Code_A31L12x
Application Note AN_Hardware+Design+Guide+for+Noise+Immunity+for+8bit+32bit+Devices_Eng

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에뮬레이터 / 디버거 A-Link / A-Link Pro (CMSIS-DAP)
Category Tool Name Link
에뮬레이터 / 디버거 A-Link / A-Link Pro (CMSIS-DAP)