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MC5502 [LCD]

MC5502 [LCD]

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MC5502 is a 1/3 or 1/4 duty LCD driver for segment type LCD panel. It can be used for frequency display in microprocessor-controlled receiver and in other display applications. MC5502 chooses numbers of common and general-purpose output ports by instructions. Therefore, MC5502 drives 156-segment at 1/3 duty in use of 3 commons or 204-segment at 1/4 duty in use of 4 commons. MC5502 also provides 12 general-purpose output ports.

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Item Value
LED Driving -
Display[SEG X COM] 52X3 ~ 51X4
Key Scan -
Dimmer[Step] -
Op.Volt.[V] 3.0~5.5
Op.Temp.[˚C] -40~+85
Package Type 64 LQFP
Remarks Power Saving Mode, Segment OFF Function

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Datasheet DS_MC5502_Eng Eng L1.00 2020-05-08 760 KB
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Datasheet DS_MC5502_Eng

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