32-bit MCUs


ABOV’s 32-bit microcontroller product line is based on Arm® Cortex®-M processor, and widely used for large and small home appliances, personal healthcare products, toys, and industrial applications. We provide MCU developers with a variety of tools and software options to support their project development.

• G1,G2,G3 Series
- Each of G1, G2 and G3 series is a product line based on the Cortex®-M0+ processor, and has a variety of functions that users want to use such as Display Controller, static electricity protecting Touch Key, USB, and General Motor Control.
LCD Display Driver Block, LED Driver Port, Static Capacity Touch Sensor, and High-precision Internal RC Oscillator are used for the general purposed control, while High-current Driver Port can be used for many different applications. Practically, they are used in White Home Appliances like washing machine, refrigerator, and air conditioner, as well as Smart Home Appliances such as Microwave oven, Hydrothermal period, and IH Cooker.

• G5 Series
- G5 series is a product based on the Cortex®-M3 processor with Data Flash. G5 series is designed as a main controller of various types of home appliances, as it offers excellent user convenience with optimized functions for home appliances. Microcontrollers in home appliances have become increasingly complex and efficient, and recently they have more peripherals and large-capacity Flash memory to process more functions.

• L1 / L2 Series
- L1 / L2 series is a 32-bit Ultra Low Power microcontroller for the applications of battery operations. It has the Cortex-M0+ processor and supports high-performance analog functions. We recommend L1 series to users who want to design energy efficient embedded systems and applications, since we can guarantee that L1 series provides the balance between performance, power, security and cost efficiency and is an excellent low current consumption product in the industry.

• M Series
- M1 series is a high-performance Motor MCU that satisfies user requirements who develops motors or high-end products. It provides the fast core and high-performance analog IPs suitable for BLDC and FoC motor applications. The Motor MCU product family includes different lineups based on Cortex®-M0, Cortex®-M3 and Cortex®-M4F, and is widely used in the field of industry and automotive applications because of rich peripherals such as CAN Driver and Security Engines.

Family LineUp