Fire & Safety Solution


Fire alarm and smoke detector systems in apartments, homes, and industrial sites are essential devices because they are directly connected to human life. Their importance is growing, and it is a trend that these systems integrate more sensors and connect to more systems wirelessly. In these systems, Reliability and Low Power Consumption are the most important factors since they require continuous maintenance.
ABOV’s Fire Detection product line provides a total solution for each system, as a stand-alone type or as a network type. This integrates high-precision AFE circuit and line interface for Tx/ Rx, to offer an optimized solution for the Fire Detector System.

• Network Smoke Detector MCUs
- For the Network Smoke Detector, there are two types of MCUs based on the 8051: the A96L3x2 series and One-chip products A96L523, A96L533, A96L534,A96L623. Specifically, A96L523, A96L533, A96L534,A96L623 are One-chip Product that integrate power line communications.

• Powerline Transceiver
- AL111x is a 1 wire Power line Transceiver product for the Network Fire Fighting System. It features a precision LDO that converts Max. 42V to 3V and Power Line Communication Rx/Tx function.

• Freestanding Smoke Detector MCUs
- ABOV’s Freestanding Smoke Detector MCU incorporates Low Noise Op-Amp and LED Drive, and includes precision LDO for ADC power. With these features, it can measure ADC regardless of battery voltage value and be driven with less than 1.5uA current consumption in Sleep mode which is Low Current mode.

• aBLE Series
- Our aBLE product line integrates Low Power technology and Ultra Low Power MCU technology in a single chip, to be optimized for Smart Remote Controller application and IoT market requiring Ultra Low Power and Ultra Small Size.