8-bit MCUs


ABOV Semiconductor presents a wide range of 8-bit MCUs that are based on M8051 cores. We have experienced a variety of consumer electronics with them, and based on this, we can provide excellent noise immunity, code optimization, and cost savings for customer’s board design.
Our 8-bit MCUs can be used for many different applications such as smart home appliance, smoke Detector, touch, and remote controller, as well as achieve smart Integration by utilizing multiple communications and rich advanced analog IPs.
Easy-to-use Ecosystem and a lot of experience of mass production are also our strength.

• G1 Series
- G1 series is a new product line of ABOV’s 8-bit MCU family. We applied new system architecture design technology and IPs to the G1 series, and used new process to optimize product size and improve performance.
ABOV offers a portfolio of all 8-bit MCUs with a wide range of Power Supplies (up to 5.5V), scalable flash memory (up to 128KB), extensive operating temperatures (-40℃ to 105℃), and scalable package options (8-pins to 100-pins).

• Touch Solution
- ABOV’s Capacitive touch sensor offers a solution that has been verified in the field for years, which features high sensitivity touch sensing and withstands the CS 10V resistance. Since it operates reliably in noise environments, our capacitive touch sensor is widely used in the field of mobile, home appliances, and industries.

• R Series
- R series is an ABOV’s general purpose MCU that supports the LCD function. It is used for the LCD remote controller and general LCD applications. The R series is an upgraded product in terms of reducing BOM costs, reducing current consumption, and improving performance.

• Low Power (L Series)
- L series incorporates a field-proven Low Noise OP-Amp and a precision LDO. It supports the IAP function with flash memory ranging in size from 4KB to 16KB and additional Data flash memory. Specifically, the L series is capable of low power operation.

• MC Series
- MC series is an ABOV’s CMOS 8-bit microcontroller. The MC series has high reliability and rich history of mass production, and provides a flash memory ranging in size from 2KB to 128KB. It is highly flexible for using various embedded control applications and supports low power mode to reduce power consumption. As a cost effective solution, it is actively used in the white home appliances, smart home appliances, and consumer markets.

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